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Meal Plans & Details

2018-2019 Meal Plan Options

Cajun Performance (Plan geared for athletes) - $2,059/semester
12 meal swipes per week + 5 training table meals per week + 4 FLEX meals per week

Cajun Freedom - $2,059/semester
Unlimited meal swipes per week + 4 FLEX meals per week + $75 DB

Cajun Select - $1,647/semester
14 meal swipes per week + 4 FLEX meals per week + $250 DB

Cajun Classic (Available to Legacy Park residents ONLY) - $895/semester
5 meal swipes or FLEX per week + $300 DB

Cajun Classic Light (Commuter Plan) - $565/semester
5 meal swipes per week

Cajun Commuter (Commuter Plan) - $179/semester
9 Flex meals per semester + $150 DB

Cajun Community (Faculty & Staff Plan) - $349/semester
18 meal swipes per academic year + $275 DB
*Includes refillable mug with 20% discount on fountain or drip beverages

Summer Meal Plans

Summer 5 - $780/semester
5 meal swipes per week + 125 DB

Summer 10 - $780/semester
10 meal swipes per week + $75 DB

Summer 15 - $780/semester
15 meal swipes per week 

Summer Cajun Classic Light - $315/semester
5 meal swipes per week

Meal Swipes, Flex Meals & Declining Balance

Flex meals are meals offered in locations other than the main dining hall for which students may use a “swipe” for payment (counts as one of the allotted meals per week). At least one flex meal option will be offered at each location during each meal period.

Declining Balance (DB) can be used in all retail dining locations including The Brew, Lagniappe Café, McAlister’s, Café Fleur de Lis, Jazzman’s Jamba Juice and the Ragin’ Cajun Food Court.  DB can also be used in the Cypress Lake Dining Hall as an alternative to a meal swipe or cash payment.

Purchase or Sign Up for a Meal Plan

To sign-up and/or purchase a meal plan please log into your ULink account, click on the “Access StarRez Housing Portal” link under the “Housing Portal” section, click on the “Housing and Meals Sign Up” link at the top of the page and follow the prompts.